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iPhone girl who emerged behind the promoter for the Forum chief

August 20, 2008, swept the three photos Global Forum, an "ordinary" wage-mei, with a smile conquered the netizens, ranking in Google, iPhone girl has the highest No. 7, becoming the fastest heat up the word.
Hundreds of domestic media reports of the incident, although we all know, iPhone and Apple, Foxconn may be commercial interests.
Accidents, incidents gradually due to climax, a woman claiming to be a Yangxing iPhone girl's cousin, and the media iPhone girl transmitted the message, saying "trying to do the ordinary people," declined an interview, and hope to stop netizens Human search.
Although the company said not to pursue this matter, iPhone girl still reluctant to have any contact with the outside world, this "beautiful misunderstanding", it would be some unexpected outcome, but at least on the surface, everything is back to calm. However, the competing newspaper reporters through in-depth survey and found that the iPhone girl insider events, than people see much more complex.
Pushing Hands Arnold Kim
Arnold Kim graduated from Northwestern University undergraduate engineering science and applied mathematics, University of Washington and received a Master's of Applied Mathematics, Ph.D., computer engineering and network technology have deep knowledge. Arnold Kim in 2000 founded the MacRumors. com and served as senior editor. He has been living in the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia, in full-time operating MacRumors. com, the University of California at Merced (UC Merced) associate professor. More information is passed Arnold Kim's personal website that the.
Apple is the person who posted the Forum chief
IPhonegirl on the first news release in www. MacRumors. com (Apple product enthusiasts Forum), the person who posted the network called markm49uk, claimed to be British, has purchased a new iPhone cell phone and found that there are three photographs of Zhang Yazhou girls, he considered that this is an interesting Thing.
Markm49uk not British
This is a desire Adventure of the times, markm49uk posts quickly headlines. However, netizens quickly questioned, markm49uk claiming to have never been to the U.S., but the picture clearly shows that the carrier is AT & T, and the i-Phone in the United Kingdom is the exclusive partner O2, a British, and how to buy U.S. iPhone? »
August 27, a sign www. MacRumors. com, found markm49uk from March 13 in the site registration, only a total of 19 posts, in addition, the reporters found through the IP for this markm49uk from the United States, not Britain. markm49uk seems to want people to think he is British, he is registered at the end of the "uk".
Markm49uk is MacRumors chief
August 28, a reporter at the Forum registration ID, and to markm49uk of the stations as SMS, the letter said, "I know that i-Phonegirl some of the latest information, please contact me", the reporters stay in the MSN and e-Mail. August 29, markm49uk back to an almost no content of the e-mail, but he may be overlooked, e-mail signature is automatically set up, if not deliberately modified, will reveal his true information. markm49uk in the message showed that the signature is ArnoldKim. This ArnoldKim, is www. MacRu-mors. com site's owner and chief. Registered "vest" to exaggerate the Forum atmosphere, which is often used their chief means.

Mexico hitted by iPhone Girl

News of The iPhone Girl has spread to Mexico. Within the past few days Mexican news has spread the word of our still anonymous Foxconn factory worker. Below is a (loosley) translated article from Wicked Magazine:
“Throw a couple photo to fame now is the girl iPhone Beijing, 28
August (EFE) .- The fame on the Internet comes sometimes in unexpected ways and even without disarmament, as has happened to a young worker of a factory in Shenzhen (southern China) than in just one week has been surfer become the phenomenon of summer: the Girl iPhone.
The girl, whose name has not been revealed to preserve their privacy, because the paparazzi are still looking at her, never imagined that her life changed by a simple picture taken by her companions in the plant assembly where he works in the assembly of iPhones and iPods, two of the “star products” from Apple.
Her colleagues photographed the camera to test how the iPhone they were assembling, and she posed crouch next to one of the Apple phones, with their work clothes (cap and gown and pink white) and making the sign of victory with his gloved hands. The photo evidence was not erased by neglect of workers and that the image traveled as wallpaper, a Briton who bought that iPhone in Kingston upon Hull (northern England).
Two other pictures of the girl, smiling face and regordeta, appeared in Photo Album of the cell. The buyer, intrigued by the emergence of the new girl on her mobile phone, hung the photograph of the couple china on August 20 on the web, asking, under the nickname of “Markm49uk” if someone had to
girl in his iPhone screen and knew who she was. In just one week, that simple post has unleashed a frantic search of which soon was nicknamed The iPhone girl, the Girl iPhone: Internet forums of many Apple fans began to lucubrar different theories about the origin of the girl. Until they were born and blogs websites dedicated to it as
“If my iPhone have led to a girl so it would be willing to mona extra pay, especially if your e-mail included ” - Chris Meadows, China Daily

Within a few days, the frenzy to find the mysterious Girl iPhone managed to find the factory where she worked, owned by signature Taiwanese Foxconn, which produces for the multinational apple. Until its doors arrived foreign journalists trying to talk to the girl, leading to those responsible for the company to ask you not too overwhelmed to its workers.

“It has never experienced such a situation, and was really scared by the media attention. She told me she wants to leave and return to work home to stay away. It was just a young woman who has come to Shenzhen (technology centre of China) from his remote hometown, and although appreciates the interest of all for it, it is best to leave now quiet ” - Liu Kun, South China Morning Post

In forums on the Internet also emerged rumors that the girl or colleagues who took the photo iban to be dismissed by mistake, but Foxconn denied this possibility, noting that everything had been “a Small and beautiful mistake. “
Fears saved, however, some basis, bearing in mind that a couple of years ago the same factory in the Taiwanese company in Shenzhen was accused of treating its workers poorly. According to press reports published then, employees are forced to work during twelve hour shifts followed by foot and without able to speak with other colleagues, a situation that Apple acknowledged as true.”

Friday, August 29, 2008

ABC News:Mystery 'iPhone Girl' Generates Internet Intrigue

By MIN LEE Associated Press Writer HONG KONG August 27, 2008 (AP)
Who is the "iPhone Girl"?
Pictures of an Asian factory worker found on a new iPhone sold to a British customer have generated keen discussion on the Internet about her identity — and her fate.
The three pictures, posted on the Apple discussion Web site, show a young Asian woman working on what appears to be an assembly line for iPhones.
Dressed in a pink striped outfit and hat and wearing white gloves with yellow fingertips, the young woman now known on the Web as the "iPhone Girl" is shown smiling and making victory signs as she poses next to an iPhone.
The user who posted the photos last week, identified as only "markm49uk" from Kingston-upon-Hull, England, said in a posting that one of the pictures showed up on a new 3G iPhone when the iTunes program was launched.
News reports say the woman may work at a factory run by an Apple contractor, Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology Group, in the southern Chinese boomtown of Shenzhen.
Calls to Foxconn spokesman Edmund Ding went unanswered Wednesday. Ding also didn't immediately respond to an e-mail from The Associated Press seeking comment.
But the South China Morning Post on Wednesday quoted another Foxconn spokesman, Liu Kun, as confirming that the young woman in the pictures works for Foxconn.
Liu said workers testing the device took the pictures and may have forgotten to delete them, the Post reported.
Dubbing the mystery worker "China's prettiest factory girl," China's Southern Metropolitan Daily on Tuesday quoted an unidentified Foxconn official as saying the woman was not fired.
Apple publicist Jill Tan said the company had no comment.

Foxconn To Make Formal Announcement?

According to this translated excerpt (see below) from SZ News in China, Foxconn and Apple have discussed the situation and may make a formal announcement reguarding The iPhone Girl soon.

"Foxconn official said Tuesday, has reached an agreement with Apple, the two sides of the view that girls should be a beautiful flaws, they will not pursue girls Responsibility. And for the protection of the girls to consider, reveal other things inconvenient, but will consider in the near future to make an announcement on the incident. "

iPhone Girl news appears in Sweden

News of iPhoneGirl make it to Sweden. Please read the translated clip from Aftonbladet by Karin Holmberg below:

“The quest for “Iphonegirl”
Some pictures of a Chinese woman who smiles and makes “V” sign has been the whole world to talk about the mystical “Iphone-girl”. Now Chinese Internet users do everything possible to trace the young woman. The search for the girl started when a British Iphone users found images of the mill woman in her phone. The person la Print those on the MacRumors forums. The photos set in motion a chain reaction and Internet users in China is now making every effort to find out who the mysterious the woman really is. The woman working to mount Iphones is employed by the company FoxConn, which has most of its factories in Shenzhen near Hong Kong. Tested the camera on mobile phones A spokesperson for the company has confirmed that she is one of their employees and that they probably tested the camera in the cell phone and then forgotten to delete the photos, writes The Sydney Morning Herald online. In the camera, there were six pictures. Two of “Iphonegirl” dressed in rosarandiga fabrikskläder and four at the factory where she works. May not be sacked ”Small mistakes are inevitable”, “I would call this a beautiful mistake “to the Spokesperson Liu Kun as saying, according to AFP. Liu Kun continues to tell that the woman became nervous when the images began to appear in the newspapers and on Web pages. But the woman will not to get the sack for his mistake. Has limited it to 1000 On FoxConn’s factories in Shenzhen are working 270 000 employees, one of them is the mysterious “Iphone-girl”. The company will not reveal who she is.

In contrast, Chinese Internet users determined to find out. According to SMH, there has been more than 20 million searches for the term ”Iphonegirl” on Domain names and has also bought up by people who hope to earn a hack on the mysterious woman. According to The Sydney Morning Herald has already succeeded in inernetanvändarna limit the number of “suspects” from 270 000 employees to 1000. They seem namely, to be sure that the woman working on quality control in the fifth våniingen in one of the factories and where work ”only” 1000 people. If they manage to find out who the smiling girl in fabriksdräkten is remains to be seen.”

The alleged picture of “iPhone girl” is a fake,3D Forensics Says

Yestoday i had uploaded the picture of “iPhone girl”.Its 3D proves otherwise follows:
But based upon 3D face forensic software,I think the alleged photo of the "iPhone girl" is a fake. The Reason is that:

ps:The software had cutted her beautiful hair,and that is the output of the rendering software. I wasn't trying to make her look so ugly.

On the left, a 3D rendering of “iPhone Girl” on the right, the alleged “iPhone Girl”. What do you think?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Apple iPhone 3G Twice as fast.Half the price

As you known,the Iphone girl china photos were found on the iphone 3G home screen.Now let me introdue iPhone 3G.
The iPhone 3G informations is follows:
With fast 3G wireless technology, GPS mapping, support for enterprise features like Microsoft Exchange, and the new App Store, iPhone 3G puts even more features at your fingertips. And like the original iPhone, it combines three products in one — a revolutionary phone, a widescreen iPod, and a breakthrough Internet device with rich HTML email and a desktop-class web browser. iPhone 3G. It redefines what a mobile phone can do — again.
If you want to buy a Iphone 3G,you can go to the App Store. Its available colors is black or white.

Mystery 'iPhone Girl' On Her Way To Meme Status(CRN)

Read the article from CRN:
It's an unremarkable image on its face, but a photo of a young female worker at an Apple iPhone factory in southern China is well on its way to becoming an Internet "meme," or a viral idea that is rapidly and broadly propagated online. Internet memes can be a lot of fun for those spreading them. When actual people are at the center of them, like the "iPhone Girl," as she's come to be called, sometimes not so much. In this case, a young worker at Apple contractor Foxconn Technology Group's factory in Shenzhen, China apparently forgot to delete some pictures of herself that she had snapped on an iPhone she was testing. That iPhone ended up in the hands of a bemused British man who posted the pictures last week on the Web site visitors latched on to one of the pictures, which shows the smiling young woman making "peace" or "victory" signs at her station on the factory line, competing with each other to discover more details about the woman in the photo and spreading it to other Web sites.
The iPhone Girl meme has picked up steam quickly. As of Thursday morning, there are nearly 250 news stories about her on Google News' main Sci/Tech cluster for iPhone Girl-related articles.
Time will tell if iPhone Girl has the virility of overnight Internet sensations like Chris Crocker of "Leave Britney Alone" fame, much less the staying power of famous ongoing memes like "LOLcats" or "rickrolling".
What iPhone Girl has in common with such memes is that it emerged from a Web community,, devoted in part to creating such viral phenomena over the Internet (or "Intertubes" to reference another meme that began following the spread of a quote by Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) describing the Internet as "a series of tubes").
Crocker's fame came on, which heavily promotes its "most viewed" videos. LOLcats and rickrolling emerged from the 4chan imageboard site, where meme-creation is arguably the main purpose of contributors.
4chan, of course, is also home to meme-creation of a sort very different than cutesy LOLcats or harmless rickrolling trickery. The site's random board, known as "/b/", regularly produces sociopathic mob assaults on grieving families and children.
So far, iPhone Girl, the woman not the meme, is reportedly "scared" by the media attention she's been receiving.
"She's really scared by the media. She told me she wanted to quit her job and go back home to get away from this. We let her off work today so she could rest," a Foxconn spokesperson said, according to the Washington Post.
Not a good sign for people who care about the human beings in the middle of some memes.

Smiling iPhone Girl is definitely not fired

In an article published by the English Chinese paper, China Daily a Foxconn spokesperson confirms that The “iPhone Girl” is “definitely not fired”. Let's read the article:
“She might have done nothing more than flashed a smile to her colleague testing an iPhone’s camera on a Chinese production line. But it seems the colleague forgot to delete her photos, and now worldwide iPhone fans are gearing up to locate her.
The “iPhone girl” frenzy began last week when the girl’s photos appeared on, a popular forum for fans of Apple products.
The photos show a round-faced Chinese girl dressed in pink, striped uniform, smiling and making a “V for Victory” gesture in what seems like an assembly line.
Many forum users commented that they found the girl “really cute, vivid, energetic, smile like sunshine a typical chinese girl". She loves and enjoys her job. Maybe iphone can really make this girl to be celebrity. I think that it is always better than chosing some model or star.Whatever, her life is changing now because of her little misplay. I am not sure it is a good or bad thing for her.
Other people worry that “she is so fired” because of the incident.
“She is definitely not fired,” an unidentified representative from Foxconn’s factory in Shenzhen, southern China, told the newspaper Xiandai Kuaibao.
The factory assembles most of Apple’s iPhones and iPods, the newspaper says.
The representative confirmed that the “iPhone girl” was one of its employees but declined to give details.
He said it was likely that the test photos were left in the phone’s memory “accidentally.” The company is investigating the incident.
Though the “iPhone girl” is yet to be traced, her popularity continues to grow. Someone has even created an English-language Web site,, updated with global media reports on her.”

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

iphonegirl is my girlfriend

Iphonegirl is my girlfriend.We had got marry in the countrysize more than one year.Now she work in Foxconn realy and her surnamed is Li.

She was innocent and lovely ,also I love her very much.

Last night she said to me and her cousin,that she do not want to become a public figure that we want ordinary people of our time.Insipid is really ah hope that we stop the search of who is "Iphone girl".Thank everyone.

iphone girl and foxconn Company photos

iphone girl


Foxconn_worker.jpg Hon_Hai_Shenzhen_iPhone_factory_2.jpg


On the "iPhoneGirl" of suspect

1. If "iPhoneGirl" happen in China, and if you buy a new phone insiding a girl picture on the home screen, what 's your first reaction ?
Being a chinese,You would think that this girl is very cute, or exclaimed fooled, or had buy a refurbished aircraft.

2. Many people think this is the first iPhone speculation, the success of speculation. However, Foxconn will to sacrifice his own reputation and interests of iPhone?

3. If this is not a speculation that Foxconn how to end it? "IPhoneGirl" exposed Foxconn management deficiencies, APPLE will have trouble with Foxconn, what the final outcome about "iPhoneGirl" happen?

iPhone Girl Existence Confirmed, Still Has Her Job

Remember the pictures of a factory worker found on an shiny new iPhone 3G. Well, has dug up some more information about the cheerful-looking factory worker in the images on teh device. According to their sources, the pictures were a routine test of the device's camera, and that the images were accidentally never removed.
In case you're curious, the girl in the photo (unofficially dubbed "iPhone Girl" by the press) is a worker at the Shenzhen factory. Some were also speculating that she would get into trouble, but they say that's not the case.
She is definitely not fired," an unidentified representative from Foxconn's factory in Shenzhen, southern China, told the newspaper Xiandai Kuaibao.The factory is responsible for the assembly of most of Apple's small electronics like iPhones and iPods. The newspaper was able to confirm that iPhone Girl is an employee there, but declined to give details.
That's not stopping her popularity on the web. She is continuing to gain fans across the web as the pretty Chinese girl on someone's iPhone, and if anything, the mysteriousness of it is only feeding the fire.

search "iPhonegirl" so hard

The "iPhonegirl" or "iPhone girl" is hot in internet.Many people want to known more informations about the Smiling IphoneGirl.
But today I use google or Yahoo to search "iPhonegirl" or "iPhonegirl china",I find that there are no real informations about Iphone girl on the first page,such as iPhone Girl videos on,which upload time is October 27, 2007.Oh,my god.
And the website like,,,is Deceitful.Remember she is a chinese girl.
At the end, I want to say:"iPhoneGirl Got Fired! ".HaHa.

iPhone 3G Appear Smiling Chinese girl call "iphone

Maybe you will ask who is the iphone girl.The iphonegirl is a foxconn worker on the assembly line.Recently a smiling chinese girl photo is hotted on internet.
A British Internet user "Markm49uk" who posted the photos Buy the new iPhone 3G.Last week when he unboxed his iphone 3G,he found three more photos of a girl on the iPhone--one on the home screen,and others in the phone's photo album.
What's the photos show?It's a Chinese girl who is round-faced.She dressed in pink,striped uniform, and also being smiling and making a "V for Victory" gesture in what seems like an assembly line.She's so kinda cute.
He(iPhone girl) said it was likely that the test photos were left in the phone's memory "accidentally."

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

iPhonegirl pictures from iPhone 3G

On the website of the Mac Forums forums,markm49uk wrote:

Not sure if this is or is not the 'norm' but I just received my brand new iPhone here in the UK and once it had been activated on iTunes I found that the home screen (the screen you can personalise with a photo) already had a photo set against it !!!!
It would appear that someone on the production line was having a bit of fun - has anyone else found this ?

And also with the photos here:

iphonegirl picture

iphonegirl picture