Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mexico hitted by iPhone Girl

News of The iPhone Girl has spread to Mexico. Within the past few days Mexican news has spread the word of our still anonymous Foxconn factory worker. Below is a (loosley) translated article from Wicked Magazine:
“Throw a couple photo to fame now is the girl iPhone Beijing, 28
August (EFE) .- The fame on the Internet comes sometimes in unexpected ways and even without disarmament, as has happened to a young worker of a factory in Shenzhen (southern China) than in just one week has been surfer become the phenomenon of summer: the Girl iPhone.
The girl, whose name has not been revealed to preserve their privacy, because the paparazzi are still looking at her, never imagined that her life changed by a simple picture taken by her companions in the plant assembly where he works in the assembly of iPhones and iPods, two of the “star products” from Apple.
Her colleagues photographed the camera to test how the iPhone they were assembling, and she posed crouch next to one of the Apple phones, with their work clothes (cap and gown and pink white) and making the sign of victory with his gloved hands. The photo evidence was not erased by neglect of workers and that the image traveled as wallpaper, a Briton who bought that iPhone in Kingston upon Hull (northern England).
Two other pictures of the girl, smiling face and regordeta, appeared in Photo Album of the cell. The buyer, intrigued by the emergence of the new girl on her mobile phone, hung the photograph of the couple china on August 20 on the web, asking, under the nickname of “Markm49uk” if someone had to
girl in his iPhone screen and knew who she was. In just one week, that simple post has unleashed a frantic search of which soon was nicknamed The iPhone girl, the Girl iPhone: Internet forums of many Apple fans began to lucubrar different theories about the origin of the girl. Until they were born and blogs websites dedicated to it as
“If my iPhone have led to a girl so it would be willing to mona extra pay, especially if your e-mail included ” - Chris Meadows, China Daily

Within a few days, the frenzy to find the mysterious Girl iPhone managed to find the factory where she worked, owned by signature Taiwanese Foxconn, which produces for the multinational apple. Until its doors arrived foreign journalists trying to talk to the girl, leading to those responsible for the company to ask you not too overwhelmed to its workers.

“It has never experienced such a situation, and was really scared by the media attention. She told me she wants to leave and return to work home to stay away. It was just a young woman who has come to Shenzhen (technology centre of China) from his remote hometown, and although appreciates the interest of all for it, it is best to leave now quiet ” - Liu Kun, South China Morning Post

In forums on the Internet also emerged rumors that the girl or colleagues who took the photo iban to be dismissed by mistake, but Foxconn denied this possibility, noting that everything had been “a Small and beautiful mistake. “
Fears saved, however, some basis, bearing in mind that a couple of years ago the same factory in the Taiwanese company in Shenzhen was accused of treating its workers poorly. According to press reports published then, employees are forced to work during twelve hour shifts followed by foot and without able to speak with other colleagues, a situation that Apple acknowledged as true.”

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