Wednesday, August 27, 2008

iPhone 3G Appear Smiling Chinese girl call "iphone

Maybe you will ask who is the iphone girl.The iphonegirl is a foxconn worker on the assembly line.Recently a smiling chinese girl photo is hotted on internet.
A British Internet user "Markm49uk" who posted the photos Buy the new iPhone 3G.Last week when he unboxed his iphone 3G,he found three more photos of a girl on the iPhone--one on the home screen,and others in the phone's photo album.
What's the photos show?It's a Chinese girl who is round-faced.She dressed in pink,striped uniform, and also being smiling and making a "V for Victory" gesture in what seems like an assembly line.She's so kinda cute.
He(iPhone girl) said it was likely that the test photos were left in the phone's memory "accidentally."

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