Thursday, August 28, 2008

Smiling iPhone Girl is definitely not fired

In an article published by the English Chinese paper, China Daily a Foxconn spokesperson confirms that The “iPhone Girl” is “definitely not fired”. Let's read the article:
“She might have done nothing more than flashed a smile to her colleague testing an iPhone’s camera on a Chinese production line. But it seems the colleague forgot to delete her photos, and now worldwide iPhone fans are gearing up to locate her.
The “iPhone girl” frenzy began last week when the girl’s photos appeared on, a popular forum for fans of Apple products.
The photos show a round-faced Chinese girl dressed in pink, striped uniform, smiling and making a “V for Victory” gesture in what seems like an assembly line.
Many forum users commented that they found the girl “really cute, vivid, energetic, smile like sunshine a typical chinese girl". She loves and enjoys her job. Maybe iphone can really make this girl to be celebrity. I think that it is always better than chosing some model or star.Whatever, her life is changing now because of her little misplay. I am not sure it is a good or bad thing for her.
Other people worry that “she is so fired” because of the incident.
“She is definitely not fired,” an unidentified representative from Foxconn’s factory in Shenzhen, southern China, told the newspaper Xiandai Kuaibao.
The factory assembles most of Apple’s iPhones and iPods, the newspaper says.
The representative confirmed that the “iPhone girl” was one of its employees but declined to give details.
He said it was likely that the test photos were left in the phone’s memory “accidentally.” The company is investigating the incident.
Though the “iPhone girl” is yet to be traced, her popularity continues to grow. Someone has even created an English-language Web site,, updated with global media reports on her.”

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