Thursday, September 4, 2008

iPhone girl who emerged behind the promoter for the Forum chief

August 20, 2008, swept the three photos Global Forum, an "ordinary" wage-mei, with a smile conquered the netizens, ranking in Google, iPhone girl has the highest No. 7, becoming the fastest heat up the word.
Hundreds of domestic media reports of the incident, although we all know, iPhone and Apple, Foxconn may be commercial interests.
Accidents, incidents gradually due to climax, a woman claiming to be a Yangxing iPhone girl's cousin, and the media iPhone girl transmitted the message, saying "trying to do the ordinary people," declined an interview, and hope to stop netizens Human search.
Although the company said not to pursue this matter, iPhone girl still reluctant to have any contact with the outside world, this "beautiful misunderstanding", it would be some unexpected outcome, but at least on the surface, everything is back to calm. However, the competing newspaper reporters through in-depth survey and found that the iPhone girl insider events, than people see much more complex.
Pushing Hands Arnold Kim
Arnold Kim graduated from Northwestern University undergraduate engineering science and applied mathematics, University of Washington and received a Master's of Applied Mathematics, Ph.D., computer engineering and network technology have deep knowledge. Arnold Kim in 2000 founded the MacRumors. com and served as senior editor. He has been living in the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia, in full-time operating MacRumors. com, the University of California at Merced (UC Merced) associate professor. More information is passed Arnold Kim's personal website that the.
Apple is the person who posted the Forum chief
IPhonegirl on the first news release in www. MacRumors. com (Apple product enthusiasts Forum), the person who posted the network called markm49uk, claimed to be British, has purchased a new iPhone cell phone and found that there are three photographs of Zhang Yazhou girls, he considered that this is an interesting Thing.
Markm49uk not British
This is a desire Adventure of the times, markm49uk posts quickly headlines. However, netizens quickly questioned, markm49uk claiming to have never been to the U.S., but the picture clearly shows that the carrier is AT & T, and the i-Phone in the United Kingdom is the exclusive partner O2, a British, and how to buy U.S. iPhone? »
August 27, a sign www. MacRumors. com, found markm49uk from March 13 in the site registration, only a total of 19 posts, in addition, the reporters found through the IP for this markm49uk from the United States, not Britain. markm49uk seems to want people to think he is British, he is registered at the end of the "uk".
Markm49uk is MacRumors chief
August 28, a reporter at the Forum registration ID, and to markm49uk of the stations as SMS, the letter said, "I know that i-Phonegirl some of the latest information, please contact me", the reporters stay in the MSN and e-Mail. August 29, markm49uk back to an almost no content of the e-mail, but he may be overlooked, e-mail signature is automatically set up, if not deliberately modified, will reveal his true information. markm49uk in the message showed that the signature is ArnoldKim. This ArnoldKim, is www. MacRu-mors. com site's owner and chief. Registered "vest" to exaggerate the Forum atmosphere, which is often used their chief means.

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